Company culture

Corporate Program: Let us live a better life together!
Corporate Vision: Becoming a world-class power solution provider!
Entrepreneurial spirit: innovation, service, integrity, excellence.
Corporate culture: responsibility, passion, action, and win-win.
Quality policy: excellent design, stable and reliable; continuous improvement, customer satisfaction.

Marketing concept: sincerely create value for customers!

Quality Assurance
R & D design: In addition to meeting the special requirements of users and routine function testing, the product 
design also adds compatibility verification, reliability testing and product full load aging test to ensure that 
the products designed and manufactured can work normally in harsh environments.
Incoming inspection: The materials required for the product are inspected by the IQC department in strict 
accordance with the incoming inspection standard. All materials are in compliance with RoHS specifications, and the 
defective materials are kept out of the company system, and the supplier is required to analyze the cause and 
improve. For those who cannot improve the requirements, they will be reduced to unqualified suppliers. In this way, 
it is confirmed that the materials put into production are all qualified, and the finished products are more 
quality guaranteed.
Production inspection: IPQC will follow up the production process all the way to ensure that all personnel operate 
according to the standard specifications, make a certain proportion of inspections of the products of each process, 
and publicize the production personnel to understand the product situation, to achieve the quality of everyone, to 
achieve no Accept defective products, do not manufacture defective products, and do not discharge defective 
products. For the unfavorable phenomena found in production, timely find out the reasons with relevant quality and 
engineering personnel, solve and do preventive measures in a timely manner, and constantly improve the SOP. 
Supervise the production unit to achieve 100% test verification of the product to ensure that all adverse problems 
are blocked. The products that flow out are fully qualified.
Shipment inspection: All products produced by the company must be tested by the quality personnel before the 
storage. The basic functions of the client verification and the appearance test are no problem and meet the 
requirements of special customers before they can be accepted into the warehouse as qualified products. Retreat 
processing, please project quality units to analyze the defective products and make solutions and rework plans, 
require the production unit to re-send after re-work, to ensure that each batch of products shipped meets customer 
After-sales data analysis: The company has a strong data analysis team, which specializes in analyzing the 
defective products returned by the client, analyzes the bad causes, conducts statistical analysis, classifies the 
process material design and user usage problems according to the bad reasons, solves the problems in a targeted 
manner, and continuously improves the company. The quality of the product, extending the customer's service life, 
to meet customer needs.

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