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Switching power supply precautions

 1, select the switch power should be noted

   1) Select the appropriate input voltage specifications.

   2) Select the appropriate power. In order to increase the life of the power supply, you can use more than 20% of the rated output power models.

   3) Consider the load characteristics. If the load is a motor, bulb or capacitive load, when the power instantaneous current, should use the appropriate power to avoid overload. If the load is the motor should be considered when the voltage downside down.

   4) In addition to the need to consider the power of the working environment temperature, and whether the additional auxiliary cooling equipment, in the high temperature of the power supply to be reduced output. The reduction curve of the output power.

   5) according to the application needs to select the various functions:

   Protection functions: overvoltage protection (OVP), over temperature protection (OTP), overload protection (OLP) and so on.

   Application function: signal function (power supply normal, power failure), remote control function, telemetry function, parallel function.

   Special features: power correction (PFC), uninterruptible power (UPS)

   6) Select the required safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) certification.

   2, the use of switching power supply precautions

   1) Before using the power, first determine whether the input and output voltage specifications and the nominal value of the power supply is consistent;

   2) Before powering on, check whether the input and output leads are connected properly to avoid damage to the user equipment;

   3) Check whether the installation is firm, install the screw and the power board device with or without contact, measuring the shell and input and output insulation resistance, so as to avoid electric shock;

   4) To ensure safe use and to reduce interference, make sure that the ground is reliably grounded;

   5) multi-output power is generally divided into main and auxiliary output, the main output characteristics better than the auxiliary output, under normal circumstances the output current is mainly the main output. In order to ensure the output load regulation and output dynamic and other indicators, generally require at least 10% of each load. If you do not use the main road, the main road must be appropriate to the appropriate dummy load;

   6) Please note: frequent power switch will affect its life;

   7) working environment and the degree of load will also affect its life

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